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Adapted to their needs…

Throughout your pets life, their nutritional needs vary according to their age; the diet of a growing puppy differs from that of an older dog. It is quite easy to choose the formula best suited to your pet’s needs as manufacturers clearly identify the packaging of their products and for whom the food is intended. Nutrition is also becoming increasingly specialized for many conditions such as Urinary PH control, hairball control, joint mobility, dental formula, etc. However, the more specific the nutritional requirement is, the more potentially problematic it becomes if not medically monitored or correctly adapted to the animal’s condition. Instead of alleviating a health problem, it may create one…

Here is an example that demonstrates how important the correct food is for different medical conditions:

A cat that doesn’t drink enough water may develop urinary problems due to the concentration of their urine which in turn can greatly increase the risk of developing urinary crystals that can eventually become stones in the bladder. In this case, a food formula rich in sodium will increase their water intake needs.

On the other hand, a cat suffering from renal failure (common in older cats that also do not consume enough water) requires a reduction in salt intake in order to help control blood pressure. Therefore, these two cats could not, without the risk of aggravating their conditions, share the same diet.

Specific diets can improve the quality of life and extend the longevity of your pet. Consult us, we will be happy to properly assess the needs of your pet and suggest the formula best suited to their condition.

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