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Specifically designed for them…

A veterinarian is the best qualified professional to prescribe the appropriate medication for your pet’s problem. Medicines for animals are often the same as those used by humans, but due to the difference in formula, utilizing human medicines for your pet may lead to serious consequences.

For very small patients, the dose levels are formulated to facilitate the intake of the medicine and ensure the accuracy of the required dosage. In general, medicines are especially tailored to be appealing to animals. Most do not like the taste of mint, which is why their toothpastes are chicken, seafood, beef flavored etc..

Some medicines intended for humans are toxic to animals; Acetaminophen (TYLENOL, TEMPRA) is poisonous to cats. Other human medications are poorly absorbed by animals; Ketoprofen, an anti-inflammatory used for pain control is often coated to prevent from being destroyed by acid in our stomach.

This coating can remain intact in dogs and the whole tablet will be expelled in their stools, therefore, totally ineffective. In conclusion, for their safety and well-being, let us be the pharmacist for your pets.